Yrasa was born as the daughter of the chieftain of a small tribe of forest trolls. Her childhood was happy until the day on she felt off a bridge into a river, which carried her far away from home. Yrasa was searching the way back home for many days, but then she was captured by slave traders.

Chapter 1 – Among Pirates

Some years later Yrasa was freed from slavery by two orcs, called Mogdan and Ghortak. She met Toty, a healer Troll and some members of “The Smugglers”, to which Mogdan and Ghortak belonged to.

Chapter 2 – The Fire Spirit

Yrasa and Toty set off to Syl Taro, the home of the forest trolls. After many days and some dangerous situations they reached the forests of Syl Taro.

Chapter 3 – Homeland

In progress…