About me…

I always wanted to have my own Comic. At the age of 12 I started drawing comics in exercise books, with 14 I created my first comic hero, and now, many years later, my first web comic.

“Yrasa and the smugglers’ tells the story of the troll girl Yrasa, who was separated from her tribe as a little girl. entirely on her own, she tries to find the way back home, not knowing that her adventures have just begun.

This webcomic is just a hobby of mine and I do this just for fun. So I can’t guaranty to publish new pages regularly, but I’ll try to publish new pages as often as I can. If you want to help me, write something that motivates me, something, that helps me to improve my skills or help me to improve the english version of the comic.
As soon as a new page is finished, I’ll put it on this page. If you have a Facebook-Account send a friend request to “Yrasa.Thunderstorm” or use the RSS feed for articles (but these information will be in german). So you’re always up to date regarding the comic. Comments, suggestions and criticism are always welcome.

Have fun!

Email : Yrasa@web.de

Facebook: Yrasa.Thunderstorm

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